I took delivery of my pod on the 29 November 2012 and cannot speak highly enough of the product.
Having owned vans in the past (each with their own purpose) at the age of 63 I required something that was easy for me to manoeuvre, couple and tow behind a Hyundai Elantra. The fibreglass mould also means that I never have to worry about maintenance on the seams. Having met all my needs the pod proved effortless in towing over the roughest of roads and mountain ranges with the added bonus of a minimal increase in fuel consumption.
I have 2 Dunne RV shades which I use over the doors (for privacy) or kitchen according to weather.
A Saturn TV antenna provides exceptional reception no matter where I go.
Parked in my garage the pod is used as a spare guest room when needed.
Two trips through Sydney city proved effortless due to the pod’s size and ease of towing.
I regularly travel to the coast to see my sons and their families. Independent I stay in the local caravan park and the grandchildren take turns “camping in the hobbit house”
Traveling solo the pod provides me with social interaction – pulling up to eat or purchase groceries can result in lengthy delays due to the interest of the general public.
Camping is always exciting as neighbours seek a viewing.
The pod has renewed my love of camping and provided me with an exciting outdoor life that I thought would remain a memory.

Janice Dunning
5 April 2014

- Janice Dunning -