teardrop camper, tear drop camper trailers for sale, The Pod
teardrop camper, tear drop camper trailers for sale, The Pod

What is The Pod?

An Apple Teardrop camper –affectionately know as ‘the pod’- a little glamour getaway, straight from the fabulous fifties…Apple teardrops are built from the latest lightweight and long lasting materials. An apple teardrop camper combines maximum design and comfort with minimum fuss and expense.

When Rick Schloegl’s wife stopped coming camping-telling him she could no longer bare to sleep on the cold, hard ground in the mosquito filled tent or to cook food into charcoaled lumps over barely lit campfires and… she really missed facebook- he knew he had to do something drastic- something spectacular! Something that would make her love camping again! She wanted comfort- she wanted style- and he was the man to make it happen.

A teardrop camper was the answer

Back in the 50's life was good and getting better! Those were the carefree,postwar days and many home handy men spent their weekends designing and building a teardrop camper so they could spend their subsequent weekends enjoying the great outdoors with family and friends.

They had tiny budgets but their needs were simple and their designs were delightful.. Following their lead, Rick Schloegl built his first teardrop camper prototype from plywood-and the beautiful 'blue teardrop' came to be. Rick's excellent craftsmanship coupled with his flair for design made everyone who saw 'the blue teardrop' ooh and ah and ask when he was making another one for them! Plywood requires a lot of maintenance and more importantly-TIME- not something any of us have much of in 2012- so Rick had another idea.

An award winning boat builder- Rick decided to approach the design and building of a new range of teardrop campers from a completely new angle. He wanted a teardrop that was light, stylish and required no maintenance .With the help of fiberglassing expert Leigh Woodham- he designed and built a revolutionary, five piece mold and made the teardrop camper hull in a one piece, fibre-glass shell.

Using quality, stainless marine fixtures he proceeded to give the teardrop a luxury fit out- including- a comfy bed, a lovely kitchen, light fittings and media/radio/tv/computer ports- all built in! An economical and practical annexe gives you a living room and the whole setup is as light to tow as an empty trailer! Now we can all have a teardrop camper! and Rick's wife is coming camping again.

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